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                                                          Scouts BSA in Lebanon

The Boy Scouts of America have a proud history in Lebanon. We are privileged to have two strong Scouts BSA troops with deep roots in our community. While adult volunteer leaders guide and mentor the scouts, Scouts BSA troops are run by the scouts themselves. Scouts gain knowledge in skill in camping, firearms, archery, and more. They learn in a hands-on environment while working with friends and having fun along the way. As older scouts guide and lead younger along the path and manage the troop, they learn patience and leadership. Each success along the path builds confidence and self-reliance.

Since 2012, Boy Scouts of America youth have contributed over 2600 service hours to our community by completing Eagle Scout projects. If you have walked a trail or boardwalk or crossed a foot bridge at Fort Ancient, Miller Eco Park, or the Countryside YMCA, you have undoubtedly benefited from those projects. In addition, scouts log hundreds of service hours every year unrelated to Eagle projects.

Each of our Lebanon Scouts BSA troops meet weekly. Each of our Lebanon troops serve young men only, but we are prepared to start a troop to serve young women as soon as we have enough interested female youth and leaders. Currently, we have Scouts BSA troops in Mason, Little Miami SD, and Middletown to serve our Lebanon young women.  The cost to join a troop is $40 which covers the first year registration, insurance, and subscription to BoysLife Magazine. You will find more information on this website about our Lebanon Scouts BSA Troops. Check out the individual troop pages. The scouts from each troop welcome your visit to a weekly troop meeting.  If you have any questions, please contact us.